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Our Story

Bringing the Gospel of Christ to the Nations!


Hi, we are Sam and Mario

Gospel Action was founded in 2006 when, as a young Christian, Mario had an open vision. God called him to preach the gospel to the nations. "It was a beautiful sunny day, the fields were so beautiful and so ripe, then I heard a voice audibly calling me, "Mario what do you see?" I knew it was the Lord. I said "the fields are ready for the harvest Lord.” "What else do you see?" God said. I replied "a windmill, a beautiful windmill ready to process the wheat." "That's the church" God said. "What else is missing?" God asked. I replied, "the harvesters!" Then he said so loud that I was filled with the fire of His presence, “go and gather the harvest and encourage others to do the same". Since then I with my  wife Sam and the team from GA international have been preaching the gospel of Christ in South America, Africa, Asia and Europe leading thousands of people to Jesus Christ.


We have witnessed many signs, wonders and miracles accompanying the proclamation of the Gospel of Christ. Currently Mario and Sam are missionaries in Spain. Also Mario is the director of EGA (Gospel Action School of Evangelism).

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